About Sunteck Transport Group

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, Sunteck Transport Group is a third-party provider of transportation and logistics management services, operating through a network of highly-skilled transportation agencies. Sunteck provides truckload brokerage services for freight brokerage agents. The company also utilizes a truckload capacity division to provide custom logistics solutions within a wide range of end-use markets, including food, lumber, paper, printing, textiles, electronics, machinery, government and more.

Ken ForsterKen Forster was appointed Sunteck’s Chief Executive Officer in December 2014. His experience includes roles in various entrepreneurial and leadership positions, as well as selling and delivering consulting services to clients in the financial and transportation industries. Ken previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Velocity Express LLC, and AirSage, Inc. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer and President of BeavEx Inc. for seven years. Prior to joining BeavEx, Ken founded Online Insight, Inc. and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Ken is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

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