About the Author

Jeff Vielhaber, Chief Operating Officer, TTS, LLC

Jeff has over twenty years of experience in the transportation industry. He began his career as a dispatcher for a cartage company based in Greenwood, IN and quickly became Terminal Manager in Nashville, TN for National Piggyback Services, Inc.. For several years he operated a company store for Mark VII Transportation and later opened his own transportation agency. Most recently, Jeff served as Vice President of Supply Chain Services for Exel Transportation Services for five years. Jeff resides in Lakeland, TN with his wife, Donnis, and two children, Courtney and Haley.


About TTS, LLC

TTS, LLC is a third-party transportation and logistics provider. With a national network of independent agents, TTS focuses on delivering superior services, supported by the resources of a national company with a global reach. TTS offers best-in-class information systems, extensive carrier relationships and optimized operational infrastructure.

2 Responses to About the Author

  1. linda.lester says:

    I am so impressed, darlin! When will you start actually writing in your blog? Be sure to tell me. Love you! MOM

  2. J Cubria says:

    Awesome! Great Job… :)

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