Independent Agent Brandi Patterson Expands Business with TTS

Brandi Patterson, TTS, LLC’s independent agent specializing in vehicle transport, added between 20 and 30 percent to her client business since 2014 with ongoing support from TTS. Ninety-five percent of her business growth over the past two years came from business referrals through the auto auction and dealership relationships.

As an agent of TTS, Patterson provides vehicle transport for a range of clients including nationwide auctions, multiple dealerships coast to coast, and rental and fleet lease companies. Her agency manages a supply chain that spans the U.S., and provides fleet transportation, person-to-person, port delivery, bio-hazard transport, and repossession transportation services. Patterson’s agency currently ships between 500 and 600 vehicles per week.

“Because of its exclusivity, Brandi is the only TTS agent operating in this niche market,” said Jeff Vielhaber, TTS, LLC. “As with all our agents, we work diligently to meet the needs of her current and potential clients to achieve our mutual goals of developing successful and profitable relationships.”

Patterson’s success kicked off when she met a recruiter from TTS and learned about the benefits of setting up an independent agency. This helped her significantly when she dipped her toe into the auto logistics market for a dealership client. Patterson capitalized on this profitable opportunity with TTS’ help, and taught herself the business.

“TTS helped me immensely in establishing myself in the market and keeping up with current logistics trends,” said Patterson. “I truly value TTS’ carrier verification and billing systems which allow me to concentrate on what I do best even with the taxing demands of my niche market. Even though I’m the only agent in my space, TTS has worked to provide me the best solutions for my business. Because of TTS, I can focus on servicing my clients and securing new clients because I know the details are taken care of.”

TTS was built on the philosophy of treating its agents like customers with unequaled service and support. Agents like Patterson benefit from the company’s financial strength and the capital TTS continually invests in providing its agents new offerings, like the company’s transportation management system, sourcing capabilities, and billing processes.

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