Introducing a New Proprietary Liquid Transportation System Delivering Industry-First Savings


With the driver shortage, impending hours-of-service (HOS) changes restricting time on the road, and increased capacity demands, how are you addressing the logistics problem of transporting your bulk liquid products?


How many times have you passed up business because you didn’t have the liquid assets to carry the freight? Or, better yet, how many times have you lost out on extra income from backhaul opportunities because you were restricted to only carrying specific liquid assets?

Think a simple solution to all these problems is too good to be true?

Not anymore! We have the answer!

I am pleased to announce this week, TTS, LLC and LemcoStar, LLC launched a new bulk liquid transportation system to provide a highly efficient and significantly less expensive method of transporting liquid freight.

The TransiTank™ expands shipping opportunities by turning a regular 53-foot dry van into a liquid bulk carrier. This provides you another option to optimize backhaul and greatly reduce freight costs. The TransiTank can carry a full load of wide-ranging non-hazardous chemical and food-grade products, such as:

  • Base oils
  • Latex
  • Industrial oils
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Detergents
  • Bio-Diesel
  • Glycerin
  • Fruit juice
  • Wine
  • Molasses

The possibilities are endless!

Let me give you an example of the cost savings with the TransiTank. Consider the cost of a food-grade tanker hauling freight from Los Angeles, California to Houston, Texas. The transportation cost would end up around $6000. Whereas, the total cost of using the TransiTank including back-haul, would be $3500. That’s 58 percent cost-savings!

Turn your assets into liquid gold by achieving maximum payload capacity and efficiency.

Each TransiTank is designed for a one-time use, making your load easier and more efficient to manage. As the industry’s first polypropylene tank, the TransiTank is individually sized in accordance with the weight of the liquid being transported. In addition, the TransiTank requires no additional equipment beyond what you already have, creating a seamless transition to this new technology. One or two tanks can fit into one trailer to make a full load at 5,000 gallons or 46,000 lbs. payload.

This proprietary technology is constructed within HACCP standards from materials that meet FDA, Kosher and Halal requirements. The TransiTank passed 100 percent of road testing, including an inspection from the Department of Transportation, and “stop tests” based on industry standards. Both NS and BNSF have tentatively approved the use of the TransiTank in private intermodal equipment, operating on their respective lines.

With our national representation of agents and brokers, we will take the TransiTank to market by:

  • providing professional training for loading and unloading;
  • recycling each tank after use; and,
  • using our widespread network to make the tank easily available to transportation providers across the country.

Contact us today to find out more about the TransiTank and how it will benefit your business.

You Can Tank Us Later!

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