Successfully Moving Freight in Oil & Gas

Contributing Author: Dustin Hooker

I’m Dustin Hooker with Tricero Logistics. We’re an agency for TTS. I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about the oil & gas industry and what we do in Oklahoma City. We currently do truckload shipments on a weekly basis, shipping everything from bags of bentonite to bags of calcium chloride. We are a full logistics provider. We also do international shipping in 20-ft containers for our customers.

One of the things I think we do a really good job of is our tracking & tracing from A to B. Our customers enjoy the associates that we have handling their accounts on a 24/hr 7/day week basis. We feel like it’s an added value especially in the oil & gas industry, where we can provide just-in-time service. It gives us an advantage because they constantly know where their freight is.

Being an agent for TTS, we’ve been able to have access to unlimited resources with technology. I’m walking into a customer [office] and being able to set everything up to where a load tenders [immediately]. This is especially important in the oil & gas industry, which is basically hands, papers and pens. It’s now been transformed into EDI, or the load tenders coming over via email, which if you’re a person who’s out in the field, is basically a new culture for them. Some of our customers have got on board with that, and it’s been helpful and time-efficient for the people who are constantly having to write down information. Now, it’s just using phones or using laptops to get the information.

Remember, at TTS, we have the power to move you.

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