TTS, LLC., Implements TRANSFLO $Velocity®

TTS, LLC.,of Frisco, Texas, has implemented TRANSFLO $Velocity® from Pegasus TransTech, the leading provider of solutions that streamline documentation and speed cash flow in transportation and logistics. TRANSFLO $Velocity is a standard method that connects over 14,000 carriers and brokers, enabling electronic transmission of load documents.

TTS, LLC., is a major third-party provider of transportation and logistics services offering a national network of transportation agencies and consistent, superior customer service. TTS provides a spectrum of expertise, from supply chain consultancy, design, and management to warehouse logistics and all modes of transportation services.

“We put a lot of effort into getting accurate information and documentation into our systems quickly. In fact, we have a program of our own designed to enable this communication,” said Jeff Vielhaber, vice president-operations for TTS.

“$Velocity is another tool for us; we wanted to offer drivers and carriers an alternate way to deliver information,” he explained. “We like it, and so do the carriers.”

TRANSFLO $Velocity makes it easy for carriers to group the documents and load information a broker requires and electronically transmit them together with an invoice.

Carriers receive a confirmation number immediately after sending. They don’t need to make copies before hand. TRANSFLO $Velocity reduces processing time, allowing 3PLs and brokers to bill shippers faster and pay carriers more quickly.

“We’re gratified that TTS is seeing the benefits of TRANSFLO $Velocity,” said Frank Adelman, Pegasus TransTech’s president and CEO. “We’re pleased Pegasus TransTech is playing a positive role in the evolving relationships among shippers, carriers, and brokers. $Velocity is a profit-driving application that works for all parties.”


TTS, LLC, is a Dallas-based third-party provider of transportation and logistics management services. The company offers a national network of highly skilled transportation agencies with a focus on delivering consistent, superior customer service.

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